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Residents of a Minnesota town got together to help make a little girl’s birthday unforgettable when no one showed up to her party. After receiving “no’s” from every single classmate that was invited to her daughter’s 10th birthday party, a woman named Jenny Moretter turned to Facebook to air her grievances, resulting in 300 people showing up for the little girl’s celebration. Her daughter Mackenzie has a rare genetic disorder called Sotos Syndrome and has had trouble making friends at school.


According to USA Today, Moretter was hoping to get a small group to come by, but instead got a whole bunch more, including the family of Minnesota Vikings’ Charles Johnson. Local businesses donated food and beverages, while the town’s mayor proclaimed the day would be in her honor. I bet Mackenzie’s classmates are getting a bad case of FOMO now.

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Why would you let your child be this cruel and turn down this poor child’s party? WHY ARE PEOPLE BAGS OF DICKS!?