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Human Angel Food Cake Justin Bieber Announces He's a Butt Man

Illustration for article titled Human Angel Food Cake Justin Bieber Announces Hes a Butt Man

Yes, Justin Bieber is technically 18 years old, but it's hard to let go of him as that baby-faced angel-sprite that used to croon "I thought that you'd always be mi-ine, miiii-ine" to his tween ex-girlfriend at the local Toronto bowling alley, while Ludacris and Drake looked on in approval (you know, normal kid stuff).


Bieber, however, has moved forward and would very much like us to accept that he is now a man with real man feelings and real man needs. First there was his paternity lawsuit, then there was the time he tried a beer once and now this. During a recent interview with Q Magazine, the "Boyfriend" singer made it very clear that he is a (shudder) sexual being to the point where he even has preferred sexy lady parts:

"I think I'm a butt guy. I just like butts. I'm attracted to them. Do I have any favourites? Nicki Minaj has got a nice one."


Well, there you have it. Also: barf.


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Kitty Conner

Something not even Selena Gomez should have to see: the white underoo-clad ass of one J.Biebs.