Huma Abedin Wants to See the Search Warrants in the Feds' Teen-Sexting Case Against Anthony Weiner

Abedin before Clinton’s concession speech, November 9. Photo via AP
Abedin before Clinton’s concession speech, November 9. Photo via AP

Huma Abedin’s attorneys filed documents in federal court this week asking to see the search warrants in the feds’ investigation against her estranged husband Anthony Weiner, a huge fucking dick with the impulse control of a protozoa.


Weiner is being investigated for allegedly sending explicit messages and images to a 15-year-old girl; a laptop seized from him also uncovered thousands and thousands of emails sent by Abedin and provided the impetus (or pretext) for FBI director James Comey to loudly re-open an investigation into Clinton’s email servers just before election day.

Now, as the Daily News reported, Abedin’s team wants to see any “search warrant, search warrant application, and any receipts used by the FBI and Justice Department to obtain the review of Huma Abedin’s emails related to Hillary Clinton.” They say they’ve been unable to obtain that warrant and — the subtext here — are wondering just how it was germane to Weiner sending photos of his gasping choked chicken to a teen. The feds, they say, “never provided her with a copy of the warrant it reportedly obtained to search certain e-mails.”

A court order is pretty much always required to unseal search warrants, which is why Abedin’s attorneys are filing that request. Abedin is asking to see both the warrant and the warrant application so that she may “formulate her position,” her lawyers wrote in a letter to the court. Court records show that Hillary Clinton was also offered the opportunity to weigh in on whether the warrant should be unsealed, and took a hard pass. One of the lawyers in the case writes that, via email, “I have been informed that former Secretary of State Clinton appreciates the opportunity to be heard, but takes no position on the requested unsealing.”

An anonymous Hillary Clinton adviser said a bunch of cruel shit about Abedin to Vanity Fair not long ago, suggesting he blamed her for the loss: “Maybe I’m just pissed off, but I really don’t give a shit about what happens to Huma, to be honest with you.”

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Maybe the “Clinton advisor” should direct his anger at Anthony Weiner & James Comey?