Hugh Jackman on Wolverine Franchise: "One Last Time"

Why Janet Jack me, he's done! Actor Hugh Jackman says Wolverine 3 will be his last time putting on the claws.


From Deadline:

While it's strange to think of Wolverine not being portrayed by Jackman, when the still-untitled Wolverine 3 hits theaters March 3, 2017, it will mark his 17th year playing the character. That's long time no matter how you look at it, even if you're as preternaturally youthful as he is.


Hopefully dude making more time for more musicals.

Photo via Instagram

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This is just a random interjection, but I do want to say... I have met Hugh Jackman about three times, twice with his wife present, and once with his kids there. This isn't a snooty reveal. A friend working in theatre basically let me hang out with her in the back stage area of one of his shows, so... my brush with fame gets no cred.

BUT... this guy is THE. NICEST. FUCKING. MAN. EVER. Like, he is incredibly, unbelievably nice. Not just friendly, but kind, and sweet. He dotes on his wife, he's ADORABLE with his kids. He knew the name of EVERY. SINGLE. person working on that show, from the props gal (my pal) to the janitors. Around holidays he got everyone a gift.

He'd never met me before. I was playing it cool and all, 'sup?' and nonchalant and he complimented my chillness with being backstage, asked me what I was doing (at that time, studying), showed real interest in the topic. Etc. Next time he comes in with Deborah and introduces me, REMEMBERS MY NAME AND WHAT I AM DOING, I shoot the shit with her (and she's incredible, too, btw).

Next time, they bring the kids and are just such nice parents but at the same time really engaged with the kids being polite to everyone. I'm just thinking, 'how are these people so NICE???' - so, that's my Jackman story. Really, really nice guy, no bullshit. Not an act. That nice. The end.