How Wrecked Are Your Nails?

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Last night the acrylic nails came off in a fit of rage over how expensive they are to maintain. This morning there are no regrets, except for how awful they look and feel.


What did you destroy this weekend?

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I vowed that, for the whole month of October, I will de-makeup, wash, medicate (Metrogel), and moisturize my face EVERY SINGLE NIGHT (I am the worst and usually only do it half the time). After extensive research, I bought a Vitamin C serum and some pure grapeseed oil for the moisturizing part because I read that it was a good face oil for combination skin.

My face is now a hellscape. All-over redness, weird zits unlike any I've really ever gotten before, still the Exxon Valdez in my t-zone. My face is what I destroyed this weekend.