How Will Tonight's Lunar Eclipse Affect You?

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Tonight, for the first time since 1378, a total lunar eclipse of a full moon falls on the winter solstice. OMFGWTFBBQ! What does it mean?

Wired reports that the last lunar eclipse on a solstice happened in 1638 (that one wasn't a full moon, like 1378), so seriously, plan on going outside!

At around 1 am Eastern time tonight, if the sky is clear where you are, you should be able to see the eclipse beginning. Shit gets really freaky at about 3:17 am, when, according to National Geographic, "the moon plunges into Earth's umbra-the dark center of our planet's shadow." And! "The moon will slowly begin glowing orange."


In addition to this being a big astronomical event, an eclipse like this makes a huge astrological impact. Astrologer Susan Miller predicts that something may change within the royal family following this eclipse. She's written a guide on how to deal with eclipses, which often come with life-changing news — usually endings. Breakups, pregnancies (a new life, but the end of life as you once knew it), downsizing.

Some things Susan Miller notes:

An eclipse may "eclipse out" someone from your life, as is the case in a breakup or divorce.

Often a lunar eclipse will remove a person or element in your life that you thought you needed, but really don't.

Under an eclipse, you may finally see someone's true character. This may be a person you know well, or thought you did.

You may be feeling more emotional than usual under an eclipse, especially if the eclipse is lunar (full moon).

Eclipses sometimes can make big heavy iron gates swing open, even ones that have never opened for you before. Be optimistic!


Even noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is preparing; yesterday he Tweeted, "Zillion tweets coming over the next three days. Eleven, to be precise. The cosmos compels it. Stay tuned…"

To sum up: Big stuff. Brush your teeth, put on clean underwear, follow NASA and Susan Miller on Twitter, get your shit together. The eclipse is coming!


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Why does she have to be so negative about it?? Uggh, here I am waiting to find out what is happening with the guy I'm seeing, and she tells me I'm going to lose him? Susan Miller, you suck!