"How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good-Looking"

Model Jenna Mourey is the creator of this video, in which she explains "how to trick people into thinking you're good-looking," by doing things like bleaching the shit out of your hair and crying over your Master's degree.



People keep asking why straight men respond to this look like Pavlov's dogs. The answer is simple - they are literally responding like Pavlov's dogs. To summarise...

Man watches porn and/or goes to strip clubs. Women he is watching are often sporting this look. Man gradually learns to associate bleached hair, fake tans and clown makeup with arousal and orgasm, since he is often masturbating while he sees them or immediately afterwards. After a while, the bleached hair, fake tan and clown makeup are enough to cause arousal all by themselves, without being paired with any direct physical stimulation or reward (orgasm).

It's classical conditioning, basically. Textbook example.

(Men - you realise this kind of makes women think you're idiots, right? Like, if I'm associating you with a dog that salivates at the sound of a bell...that doesn't exactly increase my general level of respect for your good judgement.)