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How To Tell Him He's Jerking Off While He Sleeps

Illustration for article titled How To Tell Him Hes Jerking Off While He Sleeps

When it comes to weird dude habits, you may think you've heard it all. But one woman just started dating a guy who masturbates while he sleeps. Obviously, she's looking for advice. Columnist Madame X says:

This isn't necessarily a problem; after all, who doesn't have erotic dreams now and then and a little masturbation is good for us.

However, this is often a chronic problem and if he is disturbing your sleeping or he is harassing you in some way…then you should definitely point it out to him.


Madame X suggests directing the man's attention to websites like or a page on sexsomnia over at Kinsey Confidential. But seriously: Let's assume he has no knowledge of his nocturnal activities (no one else noticed? A buddy or ex-girlfriend?) How do you initiate this conversation? Do you bring it up over dinner? Talk about it in bed? Send an e-card?

Sex With Madame X: Masturbating While Sleeping Or Sexsomnia [Morning Quickie]

[Image via *amisha*'s Flickr.]


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I'd probably try to bring it up in a joking way, while we were cuddling or something, so as to make it clear I wasn't judging. Wouldn't want to make the guy feel bad about it since, after all, it's not even a conscious act.

Question though - if a dude is wanking in his sleep wouldn't he eventually notice a mess on the sheets and figure it out that way? Unless he stops before he's finished.