How to Stop Caring About What Other People Think and Get Back Your Self-Respect

You often worry family or friends might not approve of something, people are talking about you behind your back, or you might offend someone. If this sounds like you, it's time to break free and stop giving a [insert expletive]. [Lifehacker]


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So there i get my hopes up cause i actually had exactly that problem today and then this stupid side is down. I work in lab as a lowly graduate student. I am about to finish my thesis and need alot of time for writing. I got talked into by my promoter to still do one experiment although i shouldn't. All the people from the team im working in are aware of my situation. I reserved this morning lab equipment with the official sign up sheet including time and everything. I needed to get done in the morning as fast as possible so i could return to writing at home. So i arrive and this post doc is just assigning technicians to do experiments for her using the lab equipment i had reserved. She told me then that it wouldn't be a problem cause there would be a second device. So i start preparing my stuff and arrive, and suprise, she adviced by now a second technician to use that device as well. I was so angry, i could have cried cause my hours for writing were flying away and since i started my experiment i couldn't postpone it anymore either (it has a 4 days prep time). Nobody said anything about the fact that i had reserved it and they just took it over and they are aware of the sign up sheet since it is glued to the device and they all use it normally too. The atmosphere was somehow weird though as if they would know that its not ok but don't want to mention it either in the hope that i will just join the pretending that it didn't happen. I had to wait until the afternoon to do my experiment. I didn't dare to say anything cause i want to have a job in this lab after im done with my thesis and i was scared that everybody would have a bad mood about me. Afterwards i was worried that due to the sad face i made that people would find me unpleasant now. Im anyway pretty isolated at work and while others are constantly stepping on my toes i don't dare to step back. This not trying to be liked stuff is pretty damn hard. Especially when your job has long hours and your social contacts are pretty much limited to your work.