Lately, the Internet has been buzzing about the American Sign Language for "abortion," which is apparently either a cradled baby being thrown away or a uterine scraping, depending on your source. But that's not the end of the ASL fun times.

The above video, from Handspeak, makes an explicit baby-suggesting movement before a hand toss. But this is by no means definitive. Check out this dude at Signing Savvy, who stoically keeps one hand stable while performing a scraping motion on the other. We've checked in with some experts, including deaf feminists, to lend context, but in the meantime, we found this awesome series on more fun words in ASL.

Kristin, aka thfemale on YouTube, isn't a sign language interpreter, she says as a disclaimer to Dirty Signs her cheerful interpretations of ever-useful expressions. Including telling a friend on her birthday, "I'm glad you weren't an abortion." No cradling seen here.

Haven't you always wanted to tell someone they made baby Jesus cry in ASL?

But not as much as the fun of calling them Fucktard in a whole new language.

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