How To Make Your Own Joan Of Arc Armor Using Bike Tire Tubes


This amazing armor, inspired by Joan of Arc and created by Grace Duval, took fifty hours to put together.

Duval explains:

The entire base is constructed from cardboard that is cut and hot-glued into shape. Each individual piece was then covered in multiple coats of brown paper dipped in wallpaper paste, creating a thin, lightweight but very sturdy form of paper mache.
Every piece was then gesso-ed [primed for paint] to remove any corrugation lines, then spray painted matte black.
After the individual pieces were primed I applied the bicycle tubes in varying combinations to create varying effects, such as weaving, stretching, piping, and other cuttings and manipulations. The tubes were adhered to the frame using rubber cement.
Finally, each piece was connected together using an awl, screws and acorn cap fittings to create a more intense armored feel.

Amazing! And, uh, complicated. Maybe if you start now you’ll be ready for next Halloween?

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