How To Cure Homosexualism

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Miroljub Petrovic, a Belgrade-based doctorguy, claims that there are "no incurable diseases, only incurable people." And that he can cure "diseases" like "homosexualism" — and, of course, cancer. The trick?


Although not medically trained, Petrovic is a credentialed "Certified Medical Missionary in Original Medicine" (Said certification comes from the International Institute of Original Medicine.) Their methods appear to be a combination of hogwash, snake-oil, nonsense and vaguely 19th century diet-based methods. To wit, "Quite simply: Patients must cut out junk food from their diet, "drink a lot of water," "reject anything that is diarrhetic, alcohol, caffeine," engage in "physical activity," "rest [at] appropriate times." Plus, one "must think about good things." Oh, and receive regular enemas."

A theocrat, Petrovic declares that "In democracy we can vote and we can legalize any kind of destructive way of living. So now we have junk food, tobacco and alcohol — poisons — legalized, and we are going to legalize marijuana, homosexualism, and there is no end." In a perfect world, he feels, gays would be given the chance to change their behavior — or be executed. It's both encouraging and depressing that this dude seems to be the known face of opposition to things like Gay Pride marches. Although, given that his focus seems to be on "homosexualism," his views on homosexuality are actually open to interpretation.


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Erin Gloria Ryan

Regular enemas are part of the treatment? So the best way... to be fixed of The Gay... is by... regularly putting things up one's butt?