How To Buy Elegant Spectacles In The 1950s

Enjoy a look at this fashion parade of fancy eyeglasses. Yes, most of the frames are outdated and look like prescription cocktail jewelry. But after watching such fetching ladies trying on them on, I've decided this should be poor-sighted gal's dream: to have eyewear experts weigh in on which of the "colorful creations" would suit both your individual personality and that oblong face of yours. Sounds much more pleasant than that lady behind the Sears Optical counter, who probably has no idea how to draw attention away from the jawline of yours.



Did the narrator actually say, "...subtlety of modern design."? LOL!

In beauty school, we had an entire section on selecting glasses to match someone's face shape. I thought it was very funny, but I have used it to help my husband buy glasses. Other than that, I've never used it.

I've always wanted cat's eye glasses (don't need glasses anyway), but they just look wrong on me. : (