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How The Sex And The City 2's Harem Pants Ended Up In Abu Dhabi

Illustration for article titled How emThe Sex And The City 2/ems Harem Pants Ended Up In Abu Dhabi

Why is Sex And The City 2 set in banal Abu Dhabi but shot in Morocco? Now we know: international sexual mores, intra-Emirates drama and the narrative need for both luxury shopping and Lawrence of Arabia imagery. Mystery solved! [ABCNews]


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I’m not sure how this movie will be any different from the first. They will have some major drama happen in NYC, and decide to take a ridiculously lavish trip to console one of them, Samantha will screw a flight attendant or four, Charlotte will disgust the locals with zip-locked organic food from her favorite grocery store in NYC, Carrie will drown some man drama sorrows in countless ethnic cocktails and Miranda will still be pissed off at the world.