So this one time? Monte Carlo had a tenth annual film festival. And while I can't speak to the (Monacan?) film oeuvre, the clothes were unquestionably entertaining.

Actress Barbara Bouchet shows that Dynasty chic is, in its own way, timeless. And yes, I do realize that's not what timeless means.

Am I wrong, or is French actress Deborah Grall channeling Kate Middleton Engagement Announcement Style? Listen, there's a good reason Issa sold out. Other than wanting to pretend you're a princess, I mean.


French actress Julie de Bona is doing something abstract-expressionist here; never my favorite movement, but it takes all kinds.


Is Italian TV presenter Sania really excited about Black Swan — or is the Odette look a perennial in Italy?

I always imagined Mother Nature would be, I don't know, earthier. With some brown or green involved. But Italian TV presenter Madre Natura has schooled me otherwise!


Why yes this is legendary bombshell Gina Lollobrigida, and there is only one word for her getup. That word is "splendid."

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