Images via AP.

According to zoologists, armadillos are mammals with tough leather hides classified in the Exafroplacentalia clade and Xenarthra superorder, two categories that also include sloths and anteaters. According to me, however, armadillos are pokéballs with freakin’ muskrats living inside them.

I’ve known that armadillos exist for a very, very long time, but it wasn’t until today, while watching this video, that I really thought about them:

Safe to say: WHAT THE HECK! It has flippin’ hoof-stilts like a total FREAK.

“This is a real animal.”

And I’ve got a bridge to sell you!


This “living creature” is actually a weird damp telephone and guess what? God’s calling to tell you that he made some mistakes!!!

These tiny stegosauruses just...exist in the southern United States. And they can carry leprosy.


Did you know that the Aztecs called armadillos “turtle-rabbits?” Makes perfect sense, IMO.