How Real Is The Rock’s Feud with His Fate of the Furious Co-Star Vin Diesel? A Superfan Explores

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I’m in Vin Diesel’s car! Broom broom!

This week on DirtCast, we’re talking about all things related to The Fast and the Furious franchise, a series of movies that none of us thought we’d like and all ended up loving.

Joining us in the studio is Fast and the Furious superfan Dayna Evans, Senior Writer at New York magazine’s The Cut, a smart, funny, and professional adult woman who owns all the available seven Fast and the Furious movies on Blu-Ray and cries whenever she talks about Paul Walker.


“People like to judge and assume [the movies] are horrible, but everyone I’ve met who’s now introduced to them loves them,” Dayna tells us (and as someone newly introduced to these films by Dayna, I can tell you: She’s right, folks!).

Perhaps you think that the Fast and the Furious movies are not for you and that’s fine, but consider this: If I, someone who almost exclusively watches costume dramas, and Bobby, lover of all things Nancy Meyers, can thoroughly enjoy a movie about drag-racing and car stunts, maybe you can too.

Fig. A
Fig. A

At the very least, you’ll enjoy our conversation in which we talk about Vin Diesel as a Christ symbol, the joy of Jason Statham, our ideal Fast and the Furious slash fan fiction, why they decided to style Charlize Theron as Angelina Jolie’s Gone in 60 Seconds character for The Fate of the Furious (Fig. A), and whether or not there was any truth the the Rock and Vin Diesel’s all too convenient feud during production of the 8th movie.

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Yetta Styles

I’d like to request a weekly podcast where the two of you sit down and talk about swoon over Harry, our new multihyphenate overlord. You should call it “He’s a star!”

Also, Charlize’s crazy botoxed face and strange wardrobe really were distracting.