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How One Woman Became the Anti-Fit Mom

Illustration for article titled How One Woman Became the Anti-Fit Mom

Before having children, Taryn Brumfitt was a super jacked/svelte body builder. After giving birth changed her body though, her self esteem did too.


Brumfitt considered getting a tummy tuck and a boob job, until she asked herself how she could teach her daughter to love her own body if Brumfitt couldn't love her own.

So she's gone all in—posting the above Before and After photo on Facebook, which is a brilliant inversion of what we consider to be desirable bodies, and a powerful rebuke to Fit Mom. She has also taken to kickstarter to raise money for a documentary that examines why it's so hard for women have good body image.


Kudos to Brumfitt for laying it out there like most people can't.

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Yoga Nerd, Maybe Dead

Thank you x1 million for this, Phoenix. Its been a rough few months for me - despite my efforts, I have gained a fair amount of weight so far in this, my first pregnancy. All the body acceptance I thought I had went out the window as my body has become almost unrecognizable. I quit running at the beginning of this pregnancy, and even though I've tried to stay active, its tough when you're growing another human and therefore exhausted, hungry all the damn time, and limited in how intensely you can exercise.

I really needed this story and this woman. Powerful stuff.