How Often Do You Throw Away Your Undies?

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A (very informal) survey out of Phoenix, Arizona has found that men, on average, hold onto their underwear for approximately seven years or until "they shred in the washing machine." BFD, I say — I've had the same pair of Old Navy briefs in my rotation since 2003 and they're still going strong.


St. Louis news station KSDK aired a segment on the survey, resulting in a pretty goofy (and generalized) look at how men are lazy because — apparently — they all expect their moms, wives and girlfriends to buy new underoos for them. That might be true for some dopey brohams, but who cares about them. What I care about is how KSDK reports that women replace their underwear every season. Every three months? Who has the time and money for that?!

A quick questioning of my colleagues found that most of us don't throw out our old undies all that often. Instead, we just shift them from first to second string — or from non period underwear to period underwear. For me personally, the amount of time I hang onto underwear depends entirely on make and model. Like I mentioned before, I have a pair of old navy briefs that I've been wearing since high school. Conversely, I recently threw out a pair of American Eagle underwear that I bought only a year ago because the elastic is already shredded along the leg holes. And yes, when I say I threw them out, what I really mean is that they are still in my drawer and I wear them regularly.

My philosophy: As long as underwear are in tact (flexible rule) and clean, they're fair game, no matter how old (or unflattering) they are. But that's just me! Now what about you? Tell me how often you replace your underthings and/or compliment me on how shabby-chic my own underwear are.

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I do the rotation. Buy new underwear and look great and they slowly (or quickly) stretch their way to period panties. Or you unexpectedly get your period, and boom. Your absolute favourite underwear is now a period panty. Sometimes they just become "feelin' comfy" panties instead of strictly period panties.

I have some with lace on the front that are coming apart where the lace and cotton meet, and every time I put them on I think about tossing them. I can literally fit my hand through the hole and I still wear these goddamn undies. I am a filthy beast (in a bad way).