How Many Things Has Bella Thorne Walked Into While Wearing These Sunglasses?


On Wednesday, Page Six posted the photo of Bella Thorne you see before you under the headline, “Can Bella Thorne even see through her sunglasses?” The answer is obviously no, she can’t. So what do you think she’s run into while wearing them, fully unable to see?

Here’s a short list:

  • Garbage can
  • Employee at Starbacks
  • Whoever held open the door for her at the Union Square Barnes and Noble, where she was promoting her book
  • The weirdly heavy doors at the Union Square Barnes and Noble, which she ran into nose-first after colliding with whoever held the door open
  • Another garbage can
  • A Citbike
  • Some fans
  • A manhole (Excuse me, a maintenance hole)
  • A pole covered in stickers and posters, which she began a conversation with after confusing the image of Julia Salazar with one of her close friends
  • This group of paparazzi:

What do you think she ran into?

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