How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Really Need?

The general rule of thumb for what counts as a full night's sleep has been eight hours for as long as anyone can remember, but it's not an arbitrary number at all. Two studies, one at the University of Pennsylvania and the other at the Walter Reed Research Institute, tested dozens of sleepers and found that sleeping even seven hours a night will slowly add up to a costly sleep debt. [Lifehacker]


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I think my number is unrealistically high. On vacations, when I can sleep for however long I like, I can go up to 15 hours. In the "real world" I get seven to eight and sleep in on the weekends.

Does anyone else have trouble falling asleep due to anxiety? I can sleep in, no problem, but actually falling asleep is rough. I've gotten a Rx for Ambien but don't want to get dependent on it.