How Many Bridesmaids Is Too Many Bridesmaids?

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Two friends and I have a running game we play over email, called Too Many Bridesmaids. It’s fairly self-explanatory: When we see wedding photos of old family or school friends on Facebook, we share the ones in which the number of bridesmaids exceeds good sense. How many is that? Well, it’s a bit like porn in that you know it when you see it.

A quick look through our emails turns up weddings that feature nine and eleven bridesmaids; there was another with ten bridesmaids and, in the words of my friend, “and—find your pearls—FOURTEEN GROOMSMEN.”

I can actually top that. I was once a bridesmaid in a wedding party with twelve other girls. And a 7-person house party. Do I need to tell you that it was in Texas? No, no I do not. You already guessed that.

Given the nature of today’s question, we should have a poll. (The poll will close at 11:59 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 6.)


And let’s make this space a place for our brides with a gaggle of ‘maids to tell us how, exactly, they ended up with so many attendants. Did it all turn out okay? Was that too many girls to have clucking around on your big day? Did you absolutely love being surrounded by your favorite ladies? Tell us what that was like, and we’ll meet back here on Thursday to admire your fortitude in the face of all those ruffles.

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Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

Did anyone here ever opt out of the whole bridesmaids thing? I’ve been a bridesmaid a couple times (9 bridesmaids in one-TOO MANY BRIDESMAIDS) and the general consensus is that it sucks, everyone hates it, and it’s a complete burden.

I’ve mentioned a couple times to my boyfriend of 7 years that when we eventually get around to getting married, I don’t think I’d want to put any of my sisters or friends through the ringer of doing the whole bridesmaid thing. His response was “But, surely, everyone’s feelings will be hurt!”