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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

How Long Do You Have to Wait for Sex on an HBO Show? Not Long at All!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

HBO (short for "Honking Boob Orifice") is a network that has never shied away from showing a lot of nudity. In fact, tits and ass seem to be a pretty integral part of their business model and series are often encouraged to get as racy as possible. But how many minutes of the HBO show "story lines" (yawnzo) do you have to wait through on average before you can finally get to sex stuff?

In search of answers, Uproxx writer Josh Kurp watched his way through 12 of HBO's most popular shows and found out.

Here are the wait times from longest to shortest lengths of time you have to wait into these shows first seasons before you can catch the characters getting down and dirty. Bones awaaaaaaaay!

  • The Sopranos — 156:59 minutes
  • Eastbound and Down — 81:20 minutes
  • True Detective — 77:22 minutes
  • Entourage — 69:16 minutes
  • Game of Thrones — 51:25 minutes
  • Boardwalk Empire — 46:03 minutes
  • Hung — 22:44 minutes
  • Girls — 15:25 minutes
  • Tell Me You Love Me — 13:05 minutes
  • Six Feet Under — 6:43 minutes
  • Sex and the City — 2:08 minutes
  • True Blood — only 20-fucking-seconds into the pilot (if you count a HJ — and for the sake of sex positivity, we will.)

Let's hear it for Josh Kurp! Thanks to his tireless efforts, we finally know where to skip to on our favorite shows for a quick glance of glamorized, well-lit penetrash (or HJs).