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How Long Are You Banging in Bed? A State-by-State Guide

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How much time do you spend in bed actually having sex? Think about it and now ponder what state you live in and how that might effect your sexy time. Got your estimate? Well, it’s already blown to shit by a new app called Spreadsheets, which will really tell you how much vibration you’re getting by your location — in theory, based on the technology's early adapters.

"Spreadsheets was created to approach sex in a way that is both light-hearted and improvement oriented," says Danny Wax, Co-founder of the app. "We wanted to create an app that entices users to have some fun with their partner and share in that afterglow experience, while encouraging open dialog and feedback."

Spreadsheet’s like Foursqaure for your vagina, according to Here are the top states for the longest sex times, which reportedly don't include foreplay but only penetration, and let’s just say I’m considering a move to the Southwest.

1. New Mexico - (7:01)

2. West Virginia - (5:38)

3. Idaho - (5:11)

4. South Carolina - (4:48)

5. Missouri - (4:22)

6. Michigan -(4:14)

7. Utah - (3:55)

8. Oregon - (3:51)

9. Nebraska - (3:47)

10. Alabama - (3:38)

11. Delaware - (3:33)

12. Hawaii - (3:28)

13. Wisconsin - (3:22)

14. North Dakota - (3:18)

15. Arizona - (3:17)

16. Maryland - (3:15)

17. Mississippi - (3:10)

18. Rhode Island - (3:09)

19. Connecticut - (3:07)

20. Texas - (3:06)

I won’t spoil the rest of the list, but it’s hard times for New York. Do you know the way to Sante Fe?


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