Katy Perry and Russell Brand's week-long wedding spectacular starts today, and guests have started arriving in India... along with paparazzi. Katy and Russell have already managed to trick their uninvited companions with a decoy bride and groom.

Somehow, the same folks who can correctly identify sunbathing stars through tall hedges and telephoto lenses mistook this lanky dude in a jauntily-placed straw hat for Russell.

Katy and Russell may have won the first round...


But a few eagle-eyed paparazzi did catch the real couple entering the country. Clearly Russell and Katy (pictured under a fur coat) were thrilled to see them.

The stars put up a good effort, but expect to see more paparazzi shots of the newlyweds in the coming days. Though Brand says their nuptials will be "no more ­interesting or no less spectacular than any marriage," we're guessing the wedding featuring five receptions, an elephant and camel menagerie, and Rihanna as maid of honor won't be too hard to spot.


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