How Gwyneth Paltrow Shamed A Man Into Losing 40 Lbs.

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As you may know, Ross Mathews, the late night TV comedian from Chelsea Lately (also known as Intern Ross from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), lost 40 lbs. And Gwyneth Paltrow had a hand in motivating him.


Ross, who used to weigh around 220 lbs, tells the story of how Gwyneth helped:

"We were taping a Chelsea special, and she pointed at my tummy and said, 'What's going on here? I love you. Get it together."

Look, even couched in the softness of love, pointing at a person's gut and making a comment about it is rude. It's hurtful, embarrassing, and objectifying; the other party isn't seeing you, he or she is only seeing your fat. This behavior is in no way acceptable. In addition, while some people may be obese, others may be pregnant, have PCOS, be on medication that causes them to gain weight, have an eating disorder or just carry weight in their middle. The general rule is that unless you are a family member truly concerned about a person's one's health, it's none of your fucking business, no matter how much you "love" someone. Love involves acceptance, not pointing and commenting.

But the truth is, this awkward encounter may not be so irksome had it occurred between mother and son or sister and brother or BFF. But it didn't. It happened between an incredibly famous actress and an entertainment reporter. An uneven socio-economical balance. The rich lady with the pricey personal trainer, who can afford to eat macrobiotic when she likes and remains a famously finicky eater, pointed at a chubby guy's belly and said "get it together." With a friend like, that, who needs the massive, crushing, consistent flood of fat-shaming messages from the media?

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I love how people look at body size and decide something's wrong with you. My super skinny sister eats fast food constantly, and probably has a higher chance of health problems than I do, but because there are no outward signs, no one says anything. I hate this idea that only big people have health problems. I guess skinny people have perfect health?? My dentist told me that heart attacks are commonly caused by bacteria in plaque that enters your bloodstream through your gums. So should I start looking at people's teeth and ask what's going on there???

I'm fat, I know I am fat, and to point it out as if it just happened overnight is just plain rude. I have a friend who recently lost a lot of weight, and now she feels like she can make comments about my weight because she used to be fat. Needless to day, we are no longer friends.