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How Believable Was the Breakup on The Newsroom Last Night?

On Sunday night's premiere of season two of The Newsroom, some stuff happened, most of which was really pretty dull. To be fair, it's hard to see how it could have been more interesting than the season one finale, when star-crossed lovers Maggie and Jim almost got together after Maggie had a meltdown in front of one of those Sex and the City tour buses.


Well, it appears that in The Newsroom universe, the drama factor is always high: Said meltdown was captured on film by a lowly tourist and uploaded to YouTube. The link was then sent to Maggie's current boyfriend Don by Maggie's bitchy cousin. Don watched it, found out about Maggie's feelings for Jim, and broke up with her.

"Haha this woman goes OFF on a Sex and the City tour bus full of out of towners! They're hoping to see Sarah Jessica Parker and they get this lunatic instead," the caption of the video, entitled "Another New Yorker Loses It", reads (it has 459 views).

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WHAT ARE THE ODDS? According to Don, Maggie was an idiot for not realizing that someone on a tour bus would have caught this as a crazy New Yorker moment and shared it with the world. According to me, that's fucking insane, even in our new media universe. What is The Truth, according to you?

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John Boehner

OMG when I saw that... And then Maggie's red pixie... And then Will ominously saying, "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MAGGIE IN UGANDA," oh my GOD.