How Anna Wintour Is Enjoying Lockdown

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Imagine Anna Wintour running. I never did until Wednesday. Never had to. But in her discussion with Naomi Campbell on the supermodel’s daily quarantine “talk show” (slash my current favorite thing to watch), No Filter with Naomi, Wintour revealed that she’s taken up running in isolation, and now I can’t not see her bob swaying in rhythm, the sweat sliding from her forehead down behind her giant sunglasses and down her cheeks, her entire body in a rhythmic glide so icy you’d swear she wasn’t moving at all.

“Unfortunately my body keeps telling me to stop rather than to run, but I’m working on it,” the fashion icon said. She also said she runs for an hour. That’s a lot of back and forth with one’s protesting body, but what else do we have to do?


Wintour said the next issue of Vogue will be “entirely made up of self-generated images taken by different subjects.” Sounds like... Instagram. But okay. She also discussed her A Common Thread initiative for covid-19 relief, endorsed Joe Biden for president, and mused on the future of fashion in a pandemic-stricken world. Fairly dry stuff, not that she’d have it any other way.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.


Surely, doesn’t Anna Wintour just stand there looking aloof behind her dark glasses while a hired minion runs for her on her behalf..? (With the minion dressed fabulously in Versace and Manolo Blanicks)