Hot Topic Is Doing a Special Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Lingerie Collection

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In honor of the February release of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Hot Topic is releasing a special clothing collection that includes lingerie. If we’ve got any mediums in the house, know that I would do almost anything to hear Jane Austen’s opinion on this.

That’s via the Daily Dot. Hot Topic touts the designs as “a modern take on the Regency-era fashion featured in the film translated into lingerie evoking romanticism and one’s inner zombie slayer.” Two of the getups are covered in little zombie cameos. If you aren’t in the market for zombie underpants, there’s also this fetching lace-up dress in a thematically appropriate toile print. It’s $54.50; do not try to wear it into the Pump Room.

This video shows you the collection in action. Don’t mind me, over here fiddling with this Ouija board.

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Why are there corsets? Why wouldn’t they do stays? They can be equally sexy and, you know, more period appropriate.

Probably asking too much of Hot Topic, though