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Hot Pockets Craving Saves Man From Plane Crash

Illustration for article titled Hot Pockets Craving Saves Man From Plane Crash

On Thursday, a small charter jet crashed into an apartment building in Akron, Ohio, killing all nine of the passengers onboard. The people who live in the apartment complex were unharmed, since none of them happened to be home. Jason Bartley, a resident who is usually at home during the time the accident occurred, was saved — all because he wanted some Hot Pockets.


Bartley, a factory worker, starts his work shift around 4 p.m. Before the accident, he was at home on his computer, trying to book a vacation to Miami. At around 2:15 p.m., Bartley decided to hold off on his travel planning to go out and run some errands. According to NBC News, he decided to buy a couple of Hot Pockets on his way home. Bartley missed the plane crash by about six minutes.

“My apartment was the one that took the direct force hit,” Bartley said. He lost all of his personal belongings and is now staying with friends and family. A total of twelve families have lost their homes due to the incident.


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