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Hot Cross Buns

Illustration for article titled Hot Cross Buns

WORCESTER, ENGLAND - JANUARY 19: Igor Mirones of Bizkaia Gernika passes the ball during the Amlin Challenge Cup Pool 2 match between Worcester Warriors and Bizkaia Gernika RT at Sixways Stadium on January 19, 2013 in Worcester, England. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)


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This is technically objectifying men... I see countless articles on this site about how women are being screwed over left and right in all forms of.. everything.. yet This very same site has these articles with no purpose other than to show off guys bodies? LOL Friggin' hypocrites. I mean crap.. there isn't even a story with it... it's just picture of guys with some details... A dude looks at a pair of breasts and he's a dog but women can drool over men and it's not the same.. YEP. Double standards I tell ya.