As many of us know, the average female dating website user will get a handful of messages from that pick-up-line-laden bullheaded dude who won't seem to take no for an answer. But the full range of these guys come out of the woodwork in this hilarious/creepy new sociological experiment: meet OKc_ebooks, the brainchild of one Sam Kriss, who created a fake female profile on OK Cupid with a hot-girl avatar and only responds to messages with quotes from the famous Twitter account @horse_ebooks. If you're not familiar, these are pretty typical tweets, fragmented and surreal half-thoughts:

The results? Predictable. As the fake profile account continues throwing nonsensical gems the dudes' way, they continue their quest to (The man in the lede image responds to the "smiting" comment with "mmmm kinky little minx...." Which, aside from an egregious overuse of punctuation, is pathetic because what the FUCK. This ostensible woman sounds insane or mentally ill, and at the very least you'd think someone would respond quizzically.


As Virgil Texas over on Slacktory puts it, "What is surprising-to me, anyway-is how perfectly Okc_ebooks illustrates both the objectification of women and the way communication is degraded by pick-up artists."

'Okc_ebooks: Pick-up artists trying to chat up a robot horse' [Slacktory]