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Horrid Tennessee Welfare-Cut Bill Dropped Thanks To Tireless 8-Year-Old Protester

Illustration for article titled Horrid Tennessee Welfare-Cut Bill Dropped Thanks To Tireless 8-Year-Old Protester

Remember that time the Tennessee public school system was gonna fuck over the kids who needed it most by cutting their families' welfare benefits if they didn't meet attendance or performance requirements?


Wellp, the Education To End Poverty Act (aptly nicknamed "Starve The Children" by its many detractors) cleared the House and the Senate yesterday, but was ultimately dropped by the brain trust we have to thank for this exercise in cruelty, Sen. Stacy Campfield, R. Knoxville, who called for a further study of the families it would influence before ultimately passing it.

And yet, this SUPER-BASIC LOGIC and, oh, I don't know, obligation to all the citizens of Tennesse may not have been the real reason that Campfield ultimately nixed the bill. Nope, it was probably because this incredible little 8-year-old girl followed him around the state Capitol with a 2,500-strong petition to stop the bill while asking some prettyyyy important questions.

“Why do you want to cut benefits for people?” 8-year-old Aamira Fetuga asked Campfield after she chased him up a Capitol escalator.


What were you doing when you were 8? Picking your nose? Yeah, same.
NBC News reports that Campfield was less than pleased, and, unsurprisingly, acted like a regulation douche.

“How are you? Thanks for coming,” Campfield told the girl, the Tennessean reported. “I love it when people use children as props.”

Nice one, bro! And +1,000 SICKBURN points for saying this to a small child.

Can we scout a child to chase down everyone responsible for the Head Start suckquester now? What's the little girl in that weird eHarmony commercial where she shoots the shit with her grandpa? Someone find her.


'After 8-year-old girl protests, Tennessee senator drops bill that links welfare to grades' [U.S. News/NBC News]'8-year-old Follows Tenn. Lawmaker Until He Drops Bill Linking Welfare to School Grades' [ColorLines]

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This bill is terrible, but I'm not a big fan of using kids as props either. Although, obviously, I wouldn't say that to a child.