A 34-year-old English woman will be spending Christmas in jail after her request for bail was denied. She was originally thrown in the clink after she let out a racist (and apparently drunken) rant during a train ride, yelling about how immigrants should just go back to their own countries โ€” naturally, the episode went viral on YouTube. She's been receiving death threats, and white supremacist groups are rallying to support their barely coherent hero. Meanwhile, here in the US, we call that sort of talk a "Republican Presidential Debate" with nary a batted eyelash and everyone just watches whatever else is on TV instead. Things sure are nutty across the pond.

Emma West's angry ride on the Race-y Jones was viewed over 11 million times after it was filmed by a fellow passenger on November 27. During her tirade, which was charmingly accessorized by the presence of a young towheaded tot sitting on her lap, she told fellow black passengers that they weren't really English and that they should return to Africatown or whatever. The kid, by the way, looked ashamed, if not by his caregiver's antics, by the attention that her antics attracted.

Authorities arrested West for a racially aggravated public order offense, and the woman was jailed. A judge denied her attorney's request to allow her to post bail and live at home until her hearing in early January due to the fact that the woman's life was in danger. Now, white supremacist groups are rallying around West, establishing a fund for her legal defense and posting messages of support online. One online poster wrote,

Given what this woman's done and is going through, if we don't rally behind her and support her....then stormfront might as well shut down because this is literally opportunity of a lifetime...we can't afford to let it pass by...


Now, I'm no white supremacy expert, but when your best public advocate is a drunk lady yelling shit on a train, perhaps you should reexamine your ideology, maybe consider getting a hobby that isn't racism. Feng shui or tennis or having a solo Who Can Be Quiet The Longest contest or something.

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