Hooters Waitress Fired For Being Victim Of Abuse

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A Hooters waitress in Illinois was recently awarded unemployment benefits after she was fired because of visible bruises resulting from domestic abuse.


On September 3rd, 2008, Sara Dye, a 27-year-old waitress, was told by General Manager Gina Sheedy that she could not work at Hooters while the bruises from her recent attack were still visible. Dye agreed to take a short leave to recover, but when she called the restaurant in late September about returning to work, she was told that she had been fired. The owner of the Davenport restaurant, Darren Taylor, claims that Dye was not fired, but also said “I don’t know any restaurateur who would want somebody totally bruised up waiting on his customers.” When asked in court about her inability to work after the attack, Dye said she understood the restaurants position, adding “my body appearance wasn’t up to par.” [DesMoines Register]




Are... are you shitting me? Seriously? You actually said that last bit after the allegation had already been made? Are you a fucking moron? ASSHOLE.

Wow. Only thing that could have made his quote better if he had thrown in something like "I mean, she WAS 27... I don't know anyone who wants an old broad serving them at Hooters, ya know?"