Hooters' New 'Modernized' Owl Logo Still Looks Like Boobs

Illustration for article titled Hooters' New 'Modernized' Owl Logo Still Looks Like Boobs

Hooters is revamping its (debatably) sexy logo: where there was once a scruffy, molting owl creeping on you via OOs that look like boobs, there will now be a sleeker owl creeping on you via OOs that look like boobs.

Although "Hootie" the owl is getting a new look, the sexual imagery is staying, says Dave Henninger, chief marketing officer of the company. Phew!

"The (visual) double entendre remains in place," Dave Henninger, chief marketing officer, told USA Today. "We want to keep the tongue-in-cheek wink going." Because nothing's more of a turn on than an inquisitive owl and some bubble letters.


Apparently, the move is part of a initiative to attract millennial customers, who get off on shiny stuff. Don't you love this country? No Owl Left Behind.

[USA Today]

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Ok, time for my rant. I HATE HOOTERS. At least strip clubs are honest in their use of women to make a buck. Everyone knows why they're there; there's no pretending. Women choose to use their assets to make some cash, management makes money, guys are there to leer and drink.

Hooters hides behind this nasty lie of "We're just a restaurant" — snigger, snigger. "Guys come for the hot wings." Yeah, right. Yes, women choose to work there. But the uniforms are demeaning and groping happens. And because Hooters showcases women in such a cheap way while saying "They're only waitresses, folks!" (wink) it doubles down on the objectification of women as — well, objects. Objects you can harass, grope, stalk, rape — whatever. Look — they're in a middle-american restaurant in broad daylight dressed like that and subservient to my every whim — they must "want it" — right? Oh, and Fred — lets take the Little League team there next Saturday!

If my husband had to pick between a strip club and Hooters, I'd want him to go to the strip club. Fuck Hooters.