Hooters' Embarrassing Plan to Appeal to the Ladies Is Sort of Working

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It's been almost exactly six months since Hooters announced their stupid plan to make the "breastaurant" chain more woman friendly by changing the decor and adding fresher ingredients to the menu and guess what? The plan is working! WE'RE THE STUPID ONES, HAHAHA. BRING ME TO HOOTERS! I HEAR THEY HAVE OUTDOOR PATIOS AND GARDEN SALADS.

According to a recent consumer report, women now hate Hooters slightly less than they used to though they still really fucking hate it. The report asked customers to rate the restaurant on a scale of 100 to -100 and this year, women on average ranked Hooters at a -21, which, while still dismal, is actually a jump up from the last survey where the restaurant scored a -26. The men's ranking also improved, going from a -3 to 2.


Perhaps, spurred by their growing success with the ladies, Hooters will continue on the path toward becoming even more woman friendly. May I suggest removing the bar and replacing it with a red tent? Because I'd really like a place where I can bleed and eat wings.

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I just don't understand Hooters. I get that boobs are the joke/appeal. I get that certain people are drawn to that (straight men). What really makes my head hurt is whyyy do they want to also be a family restaurant. You can't have both. Either it's a titty bar, or a family restaurant.

It's offensive to women! And I don't even care about that part! Go ahead and eat there, men! Have your wings and boobs and beer all in one place! But don't go around scratching your head wondering why women hate it. I DON'T FUCKING GET YOU HOOTERS.

Final note: I would be more open to the franchise if they also had a chain for ladies called Pickles, and the all male waitstaff had to wear banana hammocks and mesh tank tops.