Hong Kong Gay Pride Parade As Colorful As You'd Imagine

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Hong Kong residents are already pretty color-happy, so when you think "Hong Kong Gay Pride Parade," you'd be silly not to want to go to there.


Especially since "the event's dress code was designated as "sexy and act out," with some marchers carrying penis-shaped plush toys and rainbow-colored pride flags and banners proclaiming "Queer is my power," while Lady Gaga's hit song "Born This Way" blared in the background."

"We are here today because we want the society to know who we are and we hope they don't discriminate against the LGBT community," Mic Au, a 21-year-old student, told the AFP. "I hope the government will enact laws that ban discrimination against homosexuals, at workplace or at schools."

Though Hong Kong is, by most standards, conservative in terms of its approach to LGBT rights (particularly, as AsiaOne noted in July, toward lesbians), a large number of activists from Taiwan and China also participated in the event.

Admittedly, this gallery leaves a bit to be desired —it's possible they were hesitant to photograph all of the sexy-and-act-outfits and penis shaped toys— but it's still a great opportunity to celebrate gay pride on the other side of the world.

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See this is the problem I have with gay pride parades... it's likened to some big sexy orgy party with all the sex toys, pornographic costumes etc.

If the LGBT wants to get conservatives and society to stop thinking homosexuality is only about same-sex people having sex, they should stop showing it as such no?

How does bikers wearing assless chaps, topless girls with strap-on dildos's, win over religious people, social conservatives to think of homosexuality as love between two same-sex people?

Don't get me wrong. I think the time has come for a national civil union legislation or same-sex marriage to be available in the US, but most gay pride parades are anything but "pride" at being gay, in my opinion. I do get it's meant to be in your face, but much like the topless/nude"slut walk", it completely took away from what it's supposed to be no?

Please don't flame but respond with your own viewpoints.