April Webster and Nathan Fishbourne are both 14 years old, and have a newborn son, who was conceived when his parents were 13.

The child, Jamie, was born in on November 15, and the teen mom and dad are adjusting. April admits there have been some arguments but says, "We have a few things to sort out." As you may recall, last year, Alfie Patten was declared the youngest dad in the UK. Later he found out he had not fathered the child in question.

This is the part where you recall what you were doing when you were 13. Drawing on your sneakers? Discovering lip gloss? Dreaming of that floppy-haired teen heartthrob? Secretly reading sexually-charged Judith Krantz novels in the library?


Nathan's father Ron has summed up his feelings quite succinctly: "I'm not happy." And: "I don't want him coming home in six months saying there's another one on the way."

The good news: Caerphilly, the town in South Wales where April and Nathan live, is rallying to "give them all the support they need." Caerphilly council leader Lindsay Whittle says: "This is not normal for Caerphilly" and adds, just to put things in perspective: "With respect, it is not the end of the world."


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