Homer and Marge Simpson Do Not Want You to Vote for Donald Trump

Based on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 “3 a.m. phone call” campaign ad, The Simpsons have released a campaign video meant to parody the concept. As it turns out, the video primarily lampoons Donald Trump (that’s fine!).


We’re first met with Homer and Marge, tucked into bed and ready to get dirty. But wait! There’s no sex until husband and wife have determined their votes for the 2016 election.

Homer turns on the television and on comes the campaign video. Hillary’s scene is benign, with a predictable joke turning on Bill’s former presidency. He thinks the call is for him, and both Hillary and the caller inform him otherwise. And yet, did you see the photos of Bill playing with balloons on the DNC stage? Who really believes he’s down to hang out in the situation room these days?

The Trump bit, however, is as golden as Donald’s toilet seat. He’s tweeting about exiling Elizabeth Warren when he gets the call from the situation room, so he hits “ignore.” When he finally does pick up, his makeup regimen—which includes the usage of a live dog as a toupée—takes too long for him to respond.

It’s funny — until you consider that the scene, with details like a call log including “Michelle Obama’s speechwriter” and “Putin,” draws far more on fact than fiction. Trump is also depicted here with a book of Adolf Hitler’s speeches next to him, something Ivana Trump said in 1990 was a real thing—he allegedly liked to read My New Order, chillingly enough.

In any case, The Simpsons seem to be urging us not to vote for any bellowing, toupéed kidney stones this November.


SquishyWWishy the Grey, An Actual Adult*

This might be my favored “Filed To:” EVER.

Henceforth I will refer to him *only* as the Bellowing Toupéed Kidney Stone. (Will credit you.)