Ann Curry's $2.9 million-dollar Upper West Side townhouse has been a point of much debate since she bought the "fixer upper" over eight years ago: first, they pissed off their neighbors with majorly disruptive construction. After building code violations, lawsuits, and noise complaints from their neighbors, Curry and her husband stopped the renovations and took up living downtown in Gramercy Park with their two children. When you live so far downtown, who has time to check up on that gigantic second home of yours that's all the way on the UWS?

Maybe they should have put in the extra time and effort. A homeless man has been squatting at the residence off and on for over a year. When he was discovered, police arrived and brought the man to a shelter as he apparently shouted "Ann Curry means crap to me!" It's okay, buddy — we miss Meredith, too.


[NY Post]

Images Google Street View, Getty.

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