Holy Crap, The Extended Look At 30 Rock's New Season Is Awesome

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Good news, Liz Lemon fans! NBC has released a 5-minute-long look at the upcoming season of 30 Rock, and it looks gooooood. Spoilers ahead.


Season six picks up three months after season five left off (a summer break, if you will) and Liz Lemon has taken the vacation of her dreams: Court-mandated community service. Along the way, she develops a new love interest, Chriss (yes, with two s's) played by James Marsden. Despite Jack's disapproval, Chriss seems like a good fit for Liz (to me, at least) when he tells her, "Happy three week anniversary — and happy two week anniversary of you going to the bathroom with me here!" Jack, meanwhile, is busy being a single father, as Avery is still being held captive by Kim Jong Il. It seems to be going pretty well — except when Jack's daughter says her first word, "Mommy," Jack hears the word "money." Things never change, eh?

Also exciting this season ? The guest stars! Will Arnett is back as the evil Devin Banks and Kelsey Grammer returns to play himself. Denise Richards will play a representative of "all the idiots of the world" and — hooray! — Kristen Schaal joins the cast as The Girly Show's new page, Hazel Whatshername. Seems like the show's hiatus just might have been worth the wait.


Antonym, mourning Va Va Get My Broom

Misread "James Marsden" as "James Marsters" and was very excited for a second. But James Marsden is scrummy.