Hollywood Memorabilia Owned By Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Set to be Auctioned

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Photo via Getty Images.

As you might imagine from a pair of women who were each Hollywood legends in their own right, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher collected quite a lot of memorabilia over the decades. It’s now being auctioned off, with part of the proceeds going to charity.

The Guardian reports that the Profiles in History event is scheduled for September:

Items from various Star Wars films are likely to dominate the auction. A life-size statue of Princess Leia – Fisher’s most famous role – emerging from a British-style phone booth is among the most eye-catching, while a similarly sized C-3PO robot, replete with “electronic lighting elements”, is expected to be popular.

A bronze statue of C-3PO’s companion, R2D2, will also go under the hammer, as will Fisher’s personalized on-set chair from Return of the Jedi.

Pieces belonging to Reynolds include the lavender silk chiffon dress she wore in the You Were Meant for Me musical sequence of Singin’ In the Rain and a two-piece stage costume from Annie Get Your Gun.


Reynolds was also a dedicated collector; at one point she owned Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white Seven Year Itch dress and Audrey Hepburn’s famous horserace ensemble from My Fair Lady. She opened a museum to hold it all in 1995, but it closed down and in recent years she held a series of auctions unloading many of her pieces.

Even so, she still had a pair of ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz and a prop harp from Cleopatra. Which is a little ironic, since her husband Eddie Fisher ran off with Cleopatra star Elizabeth Taylor—but Liz and Debbie made up in the end. Via Vogue:

“We got on the same boat to go to Europe—the Queen Elizabeth. I sent a note to her and she sent a note to me in passing, and then we had dinner together. She was married to Richard Burton by then. I had been remarried at that point. And we just said, ‘Let’s call it a day.’ And we got smashed. And we had a great evening, and stayed friends since then.”

It is also worth noting that it was the set of Cleopatra where Liz Taylor got together with Richard Burton and dumped Eddie Fisher like last week’s leftovers. And unlike Taylor, Reynolds never stopped talking shit about Fisher. Not drawing any conclusions, just saying—who wouldn’t want a souvenir of that?

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Debbie really had a vision for a Hollywood Museum. It’s very sad that she wasn’t able to see it realized. I would love to go to such a museum.

I saw her on Oprah a few years ago when she auctioned the Marilyn dress, and she was devastated by having to sell the items she collected.