Hollywood: Mel Gibson Can Beat All The Women He Wants

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Mel Gibson is being investigated for domestic violence after admitting on tape to hitting his girlfriend in the face. According to Reuters' sources, all of that would have been fine had he not also been a nasty racist.


Although some Hollywood insiders were sanguine about Gibson's chances for surviving in Hollywood — even without having to use his money to go his own way — he was dropped by his agency, William Morris Endeavor, last week.

[O]bservers — including a studio chief and an insider at William Morris — said the industry might even have gotten past Gibson's alleged assault on his former girlfriend. (Consider Charlie Sheen.)

But the repeated allegations of bigoted comments have left his relationship with the public in tatters, and that's a deal-breaker. With tapes surfacing in which Gibson apparently used unforgivable language when referring to African-Americans and Latinos, he has antagonized two groups that are disproportionately represented in movie audiences.

Ah yes, consider Charlie Sheen, the habitual abuser of women who is still the highest paid actor on television. Gibson had long since lost us with his anti-Semitic tirade, and any one of the known infractions — calling an employee a wetback, telling his girlfriend she would be raped by a pack of you know whats — would have, on its own, put him on the Do Not Support List.

So it's not that we think that any one of these heinous acts should be pitted against the other in a contest. It's more the implicit belief among the nameless Hollywood executives that women are not a part of this "relationship with the public," nor among these disproportionately-moviegoing African Americans and Latinos. Nor is anyone at all expected to be perturbed when one this non-dealbreaking group is abused by a well-paid, celebrated man. At least not in any way that counts — that is, the bottom line.


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I've been thinking about Chris Brown's assault of Rihanna, and the contrast between how he's been treated compared with the treatment that Charlie Sheen received. Obviously, this isn't how things SHOULD work, but I think part of the reason that Chris Brown was treated so harshly by the court of public opinion was because a.) we had nearly immediate, visual confirmation of the brutality of the assault, b.) the public both knew and liked Rihanna, and c.) his apologies seemed both insincere and tone-deaf. I fear that Hollywood is more likely to give Sheen and Gibson a pass because we didn't see any evidence of alleged assaults, and because the public neither knows nor particularly cares for their partners. Sheen's wife has well-publicized drug problems, and it's easy to paint Mel's girlfriend as a gold-digger who broke up a 30-year marriage. Of course, we haven't gotten real apologies from them either, but I suspect that's not as important if we can somehow rationalize that these women "deserved" it.