Those of us outside of La-La land may not know Los Angeles Confidential Magazine's Fall Fashion issue. But, believe me, we can all enjoy the star-studded celebration at The London West Hollywood!

Sara Rue: Sparta on top, Pink Palace on the bottom.

Sharni Vinson is the star of Step Up:3D, which, incidentally, is amazing. And yes, she looks simply adorbs here.


Vienna Girardi, taking LBD to the literal minimum.


As a general rule. one tricky elemennt - off-the-shoulder 80s, booties with skirt - is usually enough. Brittny Gastineau disagrees.

Julie Pace Mitchell embraces "bombshell." Jayne Mansfield is smiling.


Krystal Reed kinda looks like she put a wedding gown in one of those infomercial at-home shrink-wrappers!

La La Vasquez, ready for a Byzantine treasury.


Karina Smirnoff: you can take the girl off the dancefloor...

It's like Kourtney Kardashian is wearing a Ziegfeld Follies version of a peasant costume!


Kim Kardashian, dressed for comfort and ease - or at least a little light superheroics.

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