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Maybe you purposely step on stray kittens' tails, or eat clearly name-tagged food from the office fridge. Maybe you once put Monopoly money into the Salvation Army coin box. Maybe, in fact, you are the most horrible, selfish, Scrooge-like person in the world, but even terrible people have a few friends and family to shop for this holiday season, and, odds are, at least one of those people is a sincerely charitable human who feels obligated to give if only to offset your unrelenting selfishness. All the more reason why you'll need a list of gift ideas, because, left to your own devices, you'd probably get someone an ironic lump of coal. Let's brainstorm this thing together — what are some great gifts for that truly charitable aunt who knits sweaters for stray puppies, or that cousin who prepares entire Thanksgiving feasts for homeless veterans? (I mean, other than U2 concert tickets, amirite??) Leave your suggestions in the comments and I'll include my favorites in a roundup next week.


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