Holiday Ad For Lingerie Company Appeals To Musicians, Penises

Musical tones are denoted with letters. So are bra sizes! Why hasn't anyone made this sexy connection before now?!

La Senza and their cup size cup choir will fill your heart and your pants with holiday cheer, or, if you're like me, your eye sockets with festive Yuletide eye rolls.

What do you think? Classy, well-done showcasing of the quality, fit, and selection of a line of lingerie, or another round of using the male gaze to sell women's undergarments? Or just creepy?


La Senza's Cup Size Choir Celebrates The Holiday Season [Adrants]

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Did anyone else think it was strange that A, B, C and D get close-up, sensual "introductions", but the introduction for E, F and G is zoomed out and quite short? What, are the women with realistic body types too scary/offensive to look at up close?