Hog-Castrating Senate Candidate Has New Gunfire-Fueled Ad

A month ago, America fell in deep, fearful love with Iowa Senate candidate Joni Ernst's pig ball-cutting political ad called "Squeal." Now, she's back with another ad that makes America think that maybe Joni Ernst is batshit fucking insane. It's called "Shot," and it's about guns.

Shooting things you don't like with finger guns (or real guns) has been a hallmark of five-year-olds with aggression problems and grown ups with conservative political ambitions for many moons. But few have gone for it as hard as Ernst.


Congratulations, Ernst, and please stay the hell away from me and everyone I love.

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Joni Erst will shoot anything she doesn't agree with! Wasteful spending! Obamacare! Maybe even you! Vote Joni Ernst!