Hmm, Here Is Joy Behar Dressed as 'a Beautiful African Woman' For Halloween

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Hey so, remember when Joy Behar dressed as a black lady for Halloween? No? Well, now you do.

During the “Hot Topics” segment on The View Friday, Joy brought up a recent New York Times op-ed about how naturally curly hair is making a comeback. (Unrelated side-eye to that little diddy.)

As a way of, I guess, proving that she has or had naturally curly hair, Joy dug up an old photo of her dressed as, in her words, “a beautiful African woman” when she was 29 years old.


In an attempt to make some sort of point, Joy kept saying: “That’s my hair! That’s my hair!” which, yeah, we get it. What’s your point, Joy?


Clearly she’s trying to draw some sort of similarity between her short curly haircut and an afro, which, nope never nah. Joy looks like a white lady with white lady hair. That’s about it.

Joy helpfully notes, after being asked by Raven-Symoné if she was wearing tanning lotion, that she was in fact wearing makeup “little bit darker than [her] skin.” Yikes mcyikes.

If the timing is correct, that would date this photo around 1971. I can’t really get too bothered at this blackface-lite costume because it was 1971 and people didn’t even know what microaggressions were. I’m more flabbergasted by her willingness to pull this photo out and proudly show the world as if it’s totally cool in the year 2016.

Someone should have suggested that no, Joy’s hair is not an afro and does not look like an afro and a printed toga does not an “African” costume make. Good thing there was a sensible black person on the panel to kick off that dialogue.


Oops, wait, sorry, there was just Raven-Symoné.

So, there you have it. Now you know.

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