We've focused on abdominals and legs — but mixing it up is getting more difficult, as footballers play with their clothes on. Nevertheless, we're going to try and praise the largest muscle on the human body: the butt, gluteus maximus.

A fine muscular specimen comes from South Korea's Kim Jung-Woo, above. He's sad about his team's loss to Uruguay. But we're not crying.

Thomas Mueller of Germany is wearing black shorts, which wouldn't be our preference for these purposes. But you get the idea, and you're glad that you do.

Again with the black shorts, this time from Dirk Kuyt of the Netherlands. Can't FIFA do something about this?


Thank God for Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain and Carlos Tevez. Gluteal outlines with a heaping dose of man love!


And then I just keep coming back to the abs. Again. Saturday totally blew for any fans of Team USA, but there was a light at the end of our disappointing tunnel: Landon, Landon, Landon. Even a peak of upper glutes, if you want to justify this shot in today's roundup. Though I'd argue that no justification is necessary.

Okay, so what do you guys think: Is HINDsight enough to carry us through the week? Or are the shorts just ruining everything? And can we possibly ignore abs for the sake of variety? Maybe we should be focusing on something else. Totally open to suggestions here — this is, after all, a global endeavor.